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Clean Lines + Minimalism. Our leather goods are created in a small studio in Edmonton, Canada.

Our Story


I was diagnosed with stage two cancer in my mid twenties and again in my late twenties. While undergoing radiation treatment, I enrolled in an art therapy course to make a leather journal. I began working with leather under the patient eye of my teacher Jimmy. When our time had concluded, my desire to learn grew as an uncontrollable fire. I could not get enough of the beautiful medium. I went on to teach myself and create my own designs, all of which you will find here.

-Sylvia Soo


Traditional Artisanal Processes | Clean lines + Minimalism

At Sylvia Soo Leather we aim to create strong, beautiful leather goods that are minimalistic in nature. Our focus is on the natural qualities of our leathers and the care we infuse into each one of our products. We are interested in the artisanal processes of leather work.


Designed and created in a small studio in Edmonton, Canada.

Our leathers are sourced mainly from The Americas and Europe. We use luxurious premium quality French and German threads in our hand-stitches. Details are important to us. We are continually growing and learning so we may offer you the best of our abilities.