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Clean Lines + Minimalism. Our leather goods are created in a small studio in Edmonton, Canada.

Leather Care

Our leather goods are created in Edmonton, Canada. While we aim to be as consistent as humanly possible, we (meticulously and lovingly) create your goods with our hands. Due to the nature of leather, there may be slight differences and variations with each leather good and products may not be the exact replica of what is pictured on our website. Scars, branding, and slight deviations in your leather good may be apparent. Please note that leather is expected to stretch and soften with time. We love the challenges and beauty of leather - which is one of the reasons why we have chosen it as our medium.

General Care

Care for your leather good by keeping it away from severe weather conditions and moisture. Color transfer may occur with dyed leathers. Straps have weight capacities - thicker straps allow for a greater weight bearing capability. We ask that you exercise caution when filling your purse/bag. Before applying leather conditioner or cleaner, test a small inconspicuous area. Choose a cleaner that will both clean and moisturize without drying. For further information regarding cleaning leather goods, consult a leather cleaning professional.

Vegetable Tanned Leather (NUDE/NATURAL)

Vegetable-tanned leather is a beautiful natural looking leather that is nude in color. It is not surprising to see scars and markings on this type of leather. The leather is vegetable-tanned in a traditional process that does not involve harsh chemicals. The process uses natural tannins which contribute to the uniqueness of the leather. Due to its delicate nature, vegetable tanned leather must be treated with extreme care; contact with water, dirt or dye may stain your vegetable-tanned leather good. With proper care (inclusive of cleaning and conditioning) and time, your leather good should develop a beautiful patina. It is expected to become much darker and to change over time. Vegetable tanned leather has a tendency to become softer and lose its stiffness over time. If cleaning is desired, test-clean a small, inconspicuous area. Cleaning the entire product will allow for a more consistent finish.